Wow, I can't believe November is over. With cooler weather it's the... best time to catch up on some engine maintenance. Regardless whether inboard or outboard, now is the time to really check over the engines, generators, air conditioners and all auxiliary equipment for leaks, loose clamps, loose hardware, and any abnormal discoloration indicating heat. Pull out your owners manual on every piece of equipment onboard and perform the recommended maintenance. If you are not comfortable doing the work, hire a professional to review all the maintenance charts and keep your equipment performing like it should. Don't forget the electrical wiring, look for any corrosion or discolored terminals. By descaling, degreasing, and touching up painted surfaces, you and your mechanic will be able to locate leaks and issues sooner minimizing damage and the catastrophic failures that can ruin your day. If you're in the area and don't feel comfortable doing the work, call Camille and schedule a tech to come to your boat and take care of your baby. Good boating!