Kohler 228469 9C/12C Spares kit - Replaced with 221794

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Kohler 228469 9C/12C Spares kit
Part Number: 228469
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Do you have a 9C or 12C Kohler Marine Generator? We have just the kit to keep you running! All Gone

Just the Fuel pump, Cap, and Carb gasket kit currenty retail for over $186.00

NOS spares kit includes:

279218 Filter, 249862 Fuel Pump. 249819 Fuel filter, 279235 Carb gasket kit, 4X 279147 Spark Plug, 241641 Raw water pump repair kit, 279150 T-stat, 279180 Gasket, 267321 Zinc, 2X 239282 Brush, 283645 Fuse, 2X 223316 Fuse, 279204 Cap, 279205 Rotor, 27985 Condenser, 278184 Point set, 249470 V-Belt, 249468 V-belt, and a Kohler hat. All comes in a Kohler bag/cooler.